Outpatient Rehabilitation

Back to everyday life after the injury

In contrast to inpatient rehabilitation, intensive physiotherapy measures can be carried out close to the patient’s home as part of outpatient rehabilitation. If intensive therapy is prescribed, the therapy sessions take place at regular, short intervals, sometimes even several therapies a day. This may be the case, for example, if no inpatient rehabilitation measure is indicated after an operation.

The focus of our physiotherapy services is on the development of muscles and connective tissue, the individual qualitative influence on movement functions, and the training of posture, gait and movement coordination. The aim is to alleviate physical complaints, train body perception and learn helpful behavioral patterns for everyday life.

Indications for outpatient rehabilitation

– chronic pain, e.g. back pain and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system
– Herniated disc (disc hernia) and/or surgery on the spine (stiffening after spinal canal stenosis surgery)
– after fractures (fractures)
– degenerative (arthrosis) and inflammatory rheumatic diseases.
– after orthopedic operations such as joint replacement (e.g. hip, knee or shoulder prostheses)
– after accidents
– Osteoporosis


– After complaints, injuries or operations on the locomotor system
– With us you get your individual rehabilitation plan
– We take into account not only the structures of your body but also your everyday functions, activities and participation.


– Relearning of motion sequences
– Increase of tissue and body resilience
– Targeted training to resume everyday activities
– Re-entry into everyday life, job and sport

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