Arthrosis and joint complaints

Osteoarthritis and joint discomfort today

Did you know ……
That the global incidence of osteoarthritis is increasing and the social burden of the disease will increase significantly?
That osteoarthritis will become one of the most prevalent diseases in the population of industrialized countries in the coming decades?
That imaging is not essential to diagnose osteoarthritis?
That the key treatments are education, active exercises and training?
That due to the versatility of the disease, individualized treatment is essential?
That inappropriate treatments, including arthroscopy and the administration of opiates, should be actively discouraged?

Our approach

Individual evidence-based diagnosis and therapy for the extremities in combination with eduction, always in combination with active exercise therapy and training.

The joint duathlon

is a functional joint training concept based on the GLAD concept, which combines exercises from yoga, Pilates and gymnastics, with that of a free weight training circuit. Each participant trains flexibility and strength while benefiting from the supervision of a physiotherapist.
Thanks to the individual feedback system, each participant trains with his or her optimal weight.
Trial training and entry is possible at any time.

The joint duathlon includes
  • Strengthening of the extremities
  • Optimal joint mobilization for everyday life
  • Resilience training for knees, hips and shoulders,
  • Conditioning, general strengthening
  • Training taking into account all tissue structures
  • Fun in the group

Treatment of meniscal tears should be conservative, (with the highest evidence for patients over 40 years of age), with exercise therapy as the main component (moderate evidence).
Arthroscopic intervention does not add benefit (high quality evidence).
The dogma that traumatic meniscal tears require surgery (repair or resection), especially in younger patients, is increasingly being questioned.
In the new Danish guideline, such patients are primarily treated conservatively with training and other conservative therapy, provided there is no joint blockage (statement of the patient to be confirmed by the clinician).

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