A physiotherapy session in the session 25 – 30 minutes. During this time you will be treated actively or passively and administrative activities such as your treatment documentation will be made.

Physiotherapy is part of the basic insurance. Thus, your health insurance or accident insurance will cover the costs. You need a prescription from your doctor.

The tariff for physiotherapy is set by law and consists of a treatment flat rate and, depending on the case, supplementary items. These flat rates are the same throughout Switzerland as tax points, for example the “session flat rate for general physiotherapy” with 48 or for “complex physiotherapy” (this includes, for example, manual lymphatic drainage) with 77 tax points. In the canton of Baselland, the tax points are currently multiplied by the tax point value of CHF 1.03 when billing via health insurance, accident CHF 1.00, which results in the basic tariff of CHF 49.44 per treatment.

Depending on the diagnosis, a session is billed as “Extensive” (i.e. 77 tax points).
It is at the therapist’s discretion whether 25 or 40 minutes of treatment time should be scheduled.

We ask you to cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment for 30 minute appointments, on weekends and 36 hours before the appointment for 45-60 minute appointments, so that we can assign the appointment to someone else. If you cancel at shorter notice or forget the appointment, we will have to charge you privately CHF 50.- per 30-minute session. This cannot be billed to your health insurance.

Normally there are 9 treatments, but it is at the discretion of the doctor to prescribe more or less exceptionally.
As a rule, 4 series per year of therapy are possible without a medical progress report.

The first treatment must take place within 5 weeks from the date of issue. After that, however, treatment can be given for a period of three months.
If the first treatment does not take place during 5 weeks, the insurance company is not obliged to cover the costs.

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