The Physiotherapy and Trainingcenter is fully open

Our protection and hygiene measures

Therapy Center

Our top priority is to protect the health of patients and employees.
In addition to the generally applicable measures taken by the federal government and the FOPH, additional hygiene measures are in place:

During therapy, the wearing of respiratory masks is mandatory for everyone.
You are welcome to bring your own face mask into the therapy or purchase one from us at cost price.
Exposed surfaces (door handles, reception desk, toilets, etc.) are disinfected several times a day
Clear distance regulations in the center and especially in the waiting area.
There is hand disinfectant available in the entrance area – please use it.
In case of illness, we ask you to cancel early.
If you still feel insecure, we will be happy to carry out your therapy via Skype or video telephony or come to you for domiciliary treatment on medical prescription.

Training Center

For your safety, only 10 customers are allowed on our training area at the same time and in consideration of the 2m distance.
Please book your training dates online or call us shortly before your training visit to find out what the current workload is in order to avoid a queue.
We have set the training duration at high capacity in this special time to 60 min.
The back duathlon will take place again with an appropriate safety concept.
Please try to avoid your training on Tuesday from 10.00h – 12.00h and from 18.00h-19.00h. During these times we have more people in the practice.
The distance regulation of 2m on the training area and in the entrance and waiting area must be observed.
The checkrooms on both sides can only be used individually and the entrance and exit area is separated.
Exposed surfaces (door handles, reception counter, toilets, etc.) are disinfected several times a day)
Please disinfect very carefully the areas you use on the training equipment.
There is a hand disinfectant available in the entrance area – please use it.
You are welcome to bring your own face mask to the training.
In case of symptoms of illness it is not allowed to appear in our training center

How can I protect myself from infection?

In most cases, transmission occurs through droplet infection, i.e. through sneezing or coughing.
It is therefore advisable to take the following measures:

– Keep your distance or, if this is not possible, use a respiratory mask.
– Wash your hands regularly with water and soap or disinfectant.
– Avoid shaking hands
– Sneeze or cough into paper tissues and throw them into closed waste containers.
– If no handkerchief is available, sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm.
– Avoid contact with people, breathing difficulties or coughing if possible.
– Avoid crowds of more than 5 people.

Of course, our therapists are also available to you by telephone or for medical questions.
061 461 2827

Instructions for proper disinfection and washing of hands


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