Medical Training Therapy MTT

Individual medical training – for a better quality of life

In Medical Training Therapy (MTT), the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system are trained by means of endurance, mobility, strength and coordination training. With targeted training stimuli, deficits in the musculature and endurance are compensated and the body’s resilience is increased. This leads to increased performance at work and in leisure time. The instruction and monitoring of MTT is carried out by competent and specially trained physiotherapists.

Countless studies confirm the positive effect of active physiotherapy. Especially in the long term, the greatest success for your health can be achieved.

Medical training therapy is ideally suited to accompany individual therapy. You have sufficient time to carry out the exercises, which are individually adapted to you, independently. After the individual therapy the results should be consolidated and further progress made. Whether for muscle build-up, rehabilitation after an injury or for prevention – especially in the long run you will benefit from the active continuation of the therapy.

The modern, open, bright training rooms motivate you to exercise. Our equipment from Frei Swiss is specially designed for medical training and is regularly tested. In addition to ergometers, crosstrainers and treadmills, we also offer equipment for strength training. Free training for coordination, balance or stability is especially important after injuries.

Medical training therapy is prescribed by a doctor. If there is no prescription and your therapist finds this type of therapy particularly useful in your case, he will point this out to you or discuss it with your doctor. After the introduction, the progress will be checked with the therapist during regular check-ups. If necessary, your program will be adjusted. Depending on the prescription and frequency of training, you can train for one, two or three months. After completion of the medical training therapy, you can continue your program with the fitness subscription, for example.


– For all disorders of the locomotor system
– For postoperative reconstruction
– For chronic back or neck complaints
– For chronic pain
– To the rehabilitation
– On prevention


– Medical training that considers all aspects of your condition.
– Healing phase and resilience determine the progression of the training.
– The prescription is issued by your doctor and covered by your basic insurance.

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