Neck complaints

Neck complaints / pain today

Did you know that neck and back problems are mostly caused by one-sided posture, stress and lack of exercise?
The middle cervical spine has to carry a lot of load.
New research from Asia shows that over 80% of people have wear and tear on joints and discs in the neck.

Our approach

Manual therapy analysis, consultation and treatment of acute and chronic neck complaints according to the latest scientific findings.
We work hypothesis-oriented and complement the medical diagnosis of your doctor by means of ICF diagnostics with structural, functional and personal factors.
It is our concern that you better understand your complaints and can actively do something about them.
We use well-supported measurement methods and questionnaires such as NDI, BNQ, HADS,FABQ etc. as diagnosis and progression parameters.


Whiplash or WAD are common sequelae after rear-end collisions or skull contusion.
In the rehabilitation of such clinical pictures, the exact classification and clarification of the complaints are important.
Our goal is to provide you with optimal case management and targeted treatment in accordance with current guidelines and findings.

We treat the following clinical pictures
  • Nonspecific, acute and chronic neck pain as well as radiating pain from the neck into the arms and thoracic spine.
  • Discopathies / disc hernias
  • Radiculopathies
  • Postoperative neck complaints
  • Post-traumatic neck complaints (see also whiplash)
  • Muscular problems and tensions

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