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An old proverb says: you are what you eat. How does it look in reality?nowadays our everyday life is often characterized by stress and lack of time. In addition, there is the seduction of the industry, which is characterized by sweets, convenience foods and processed foods.
As a result, the above proverb often manifests itself in a negative way.
In lack of energy and the so-called diseases of civilization. These include overweight/obesity, diabetes, dental caries, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, slipped discs, gastrointestinal disorders and more.But it is never too late to use nutrition as a tool to feel good in your body again and become fitter.

Become healthier and lose weight successfully thanks to nutritional counseling

Our certified nutritionist Antje Stefanesku (EMR recognition in training) supports you in all your questions about nutrition.  It is especially important to her to respond individually to your current life circumstances and taste preferences. Because the change should not be a diet but integrated into your life in the long term.
The cooperation with our therapists is of central importance. This enables us to treat all nutritional issues, including those related to illness, in a targeted and coordinated manner. Thanks to tests with our Cardioscan, our therapists can get a complete overview of your vitality.
our therapists can get a complete overview of your vitality, fitness and health. Based on the results, we can put together your optimal, individual training, nutrition and relaxation program.

Individual nutritional counseling

A successful change usually requires several sessions. In an initial consultation we determine your body data, discuss your recorded nutrition protocol, your life situation and record your goals.
From this, we work together to develop your individual plan. Step by step you will be introduced to your new eating habits and can change your behavior in the long term. Our first priority is always to increase your quality of life and your pleasure in eating.

Costs 50 min. 120 CHF

Nutrition duathlon
3 months nutrition coaching individually or in a small group

Training, recovery and nutrition should always form a unit.
Nutrition plays a key role in relation to the diseases of civilization.
Likewise, physical activity and training are equally important elements in losing weight.

You will receive information for a successful change of diet and it will be
a meal is prepared together for the coming day.
For the successful consolidation of the dietary change, further tasks are completed at home under guidance and in
Self-direction further tasks fulfilled.
Superfluous body fat can fall and painful areas can be reduced.

Costs and beginning individually after arrangement.

Antje Stefanesku Dipl. Ernährungsberaterin and Personal Trainerin
(Qualicert recognized)

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