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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is often wrongly associated with pain. However, the task and goal of physiotherapy is to help you and to make sure that you feel more efficient and resilient again. This is intended to improve your quality of life in everyday life and in your leisure time. This applies to patients after an accident, or with acute or chronic illnesses, as well as to people with a disability. However, physiotherapy can also be used in the best of health to maintain the “Work Life Balance” and thus serves the well-being and improved performance of the body.

Physiotherapy accompanies you in every life situation

Physiotherapy is important in all age and activity categories. It ranges from the treatment of local muscle and joint pain, acute and chronic complaints, to rehabilitation after complicated bone fractures or muscular injuries. For example, physiotherapy can help marathon runners cross the finish line with a smile on their face, enable office workers to sit without complaints, help construction workers to lift without restriction, help children recover more efficiently after fractures, or simply enable the small movements that bring great joy, such as playing with children and grandchildren.

Procedure of a successful physiotherapy

In order to meet your requirements, we need to know your history. The questions go beyond “How did you come to us?” and “What are your goals? A detailed conversation in private helps us to help you and to meet your goals and expectations. In order to determine the physical complaints, new types of examinations and specific tests on mobility, strength, balance and functional limitations are carried out by our experts. This is important in order to define your goals together and to create an individual therapy plan for you.

How do you reach your goal?

The therapy can be carried out individually with passive or active measures. Manual therapy, massages and strength or balance exercises are some of the therapy options available. We will inform you about each step and give you tips and tricks on which exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life, always with the goal of a positive treatment progression. Achieving the common goal involves a lot of work. We will help you as much as possible and are always available for consultation. Your physiotherapist will treat you according to the latest scientific findings in order to accompany you on your individual path in the best possible way. All this is subject to the goal of increasing your resilience. An important phase will therefore be the function-oriented therapy with step-by-step load build-up.

Quality in physiotherapy

What does the optimum in quality mean? The optimal and goal-oriented care, as well as the high-quality treatment offers are our first priority. Our practice therefore has a qualitative and modern infrastructure as well as a wide range of therapy and training offers. Personal care is provided by our team of experts (Bachelor and Master graduates). The treatment guidelines are also very important for quality assurance. These are based on the latest scientific findings. We will be able to show you at the beginning of your therapy what to expect, how many weeks your rehabilitation or training will take and which specialists from our interdisciplinary team will be looking after you. During the course of the therapy, progress will be determined using standardized measuring instruments and qualitative investigations in order to ensure an optimal basis for communication and coordination with doctors and insurance companies.

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