Shockwave Therapy

What are shock waves?
Shock waves are audible sound waves with high energy. As an atmospheric phenomenon – such as thunderstorms or a bang when an airplane breaks the sound barrier – we have all encountered them.
In medical terms, shock waves have been used since about 1980. In modern pain therapy, shock waves transfer energy from the point of generation – the shock wave device – to pain regions in the human body. There the healing effect unfolds.

How do shock waves work?
Shock waves accelerate the healing process by activating the body’s self-healing powers. They stimulate the metabolism and improve blood circulation.
Damaged tissue gradually regenerates and eventually heals.

Which clinical pictures can be treated?

– Shoulder pain (e.g. due to calcification of the shoulder)
– Tennis or golf elbow
– Patellar tip syndrome (“Springer knee”)
– Pain in the shin bone (tibial edge syndrome)
– Pain of the Achilles tendon
– Heel pain / heel spur
– Chronic neck, shoulder or back pain
– Painful muscle tension disorders caused by muscle nodules (“trigger points”)
– Arthrosis in the knee
– Frozen Shoulder

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy – performed by qualified therapists – is virtually free of risks and side effects.

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