Your specialist for individual evidence-based physiotherapy and medical training for the musculoskeletal system

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It is our claim to offer you an individual high-quality consultation, examination, therapy or training that enables you to understand your complaints and to actively deal with them. Since you are very important to us as a patient and customer, we use all our experience, the current state of knowledge in medicine and science, so that all facets of your clinical picture can be recorded and the therapy or training has a lasting effect on you. All of our therapists not only have a basic physiotherapeutic education/studies, but also several years of studies/training in manual therapy, rehabilitation, osteopathy, sports physiotherapy and various other additional training courses.
The synergy of a physiotherapy with a medical training center offers an additional valuable cooperation from which you can profit sustainably.

4 Balance stands for

  • High internal quality standards through continuous training and interdisciplinary exchange

  • Clear underpinning of our approach for every clinical picture and for every patient through scientific principles

  • Individual coaching, targeted diagnostics and treatment of the musculoskeletal system

  • Optimal infrastructure for every need in ambulatory rehabilitation and medical training

News from our therapy and training center:

The following protection and hygiene measures guarantee you the best possible safety

-The wearing of respirators is recommended for all persons
-If you have any symptoms of cold or illness, you are not allowed to come to our center.
-Please keep your distance on the training area and in the entrance and waiting area
-Hand disinfectant is available in the entrance and exit area
-There is a ventilation concept
-Exposed surfaces are disinfected several times a day

Thank you for your attention.
Your 4 Balance Team