Dry Needling

In dry needling, a thin needle without medication (hence the name dry) is used to precisely prick a muscle hardening/trigger point that is responsible for the current discomfort.
This releases the cramps, improves the local blood circulation and reduces the local inflammatory reactions. Dry needling is used in the treatment of pain syndromes, in sports physiotherapy and orthopedic rehabilitation.
Various studies have proven that it is not necessary to inject substances into a trigger point in order for it to heal, but that it is the precisely guided stitch itself. This is why the term “dry needling” has arisen.
Dry needling” has been practiced in Switzerland since 1996 and has been systematically introduced among professionals. In “dry needling” the trigger points are pricked under hygienic conditions with thin, sterile disposable acupuncture needles. However, this technique has nothing to do with acupuncture, except that the same tool is used. The prick through the skin is barely noticeable. When the trigger point is hit, the muscular hard cord in which the trigger point is located contracts briefly but violently. This triggering of the so-called local twitch response can be perceived as unpleasant, but is a must in intramuscular stimulation (IMS). Nevertheless, “dry needling” is preferred by many patients to manual therapy. However, if a patient has difficulty with intramuscular “dry needling”, an attempt can be made to treat the myofascial complaints with a superficial application, so-called superficial “dry needling”, or superficial afferent stimulation (SAS), or with the manual techniques of trigger point therapy.

Disease patterns
  • Disease patterns with myofascial character e.g.:
  • Tennis elbow
  • Shoulder complaints
  • knee and foot complaints
  • Headache
  • Back complaints
  • Neck complaints
  • KTS

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