Diagnostics and Cardioscan

Tests and consulting to determine the location and training planning for your fitness

Diagnostics and Cardioscan – the vitality check with individual consultation
Optimal training control is crucial if fitness training is to be truly effective. That’s why there is now the Cardioscan Checkpoint, which measures all health data with many modules – in just a few minutes. It gives you a complete overview of your vitality, fitness and health. For a training, nutrition and relaxation program that is optimally tailored to you. For effective control, more motivation and measurable success.

Heart & Stress Check – For a healthy life
The heart and stress check is a vitality check based on ECG, which measures and evaluates the relevant risk factors of the heart at rest. cardioscan draws an ECG-accurate three-dimensional heart portrait, determines the individual stress index, displays the fit level and gives training recommendations – the best basis for safe and optimal training.

Body composition – makes your success measurable
Body composition is determined with the Bodyscan. The weight and the percentage of body fat, fat-free mass, body water and muscle mass are derived from the measurements and training successes are documented – the motivation for regular training.

Metabolic analysis – for your individual figure program
The metabolic analysis measures the individual metabolic profile on a spiroergonomic basis. The values also provide information about fat and carbohydrate burning – the basis for a highly efficient training and nutrition program.

Performance diagnostics – Bringing your training even further forward
Performance diagnostics includes examination and test procedures based on spiroergonomics, provides information about the performance level of an athlete and thus provides starting points for goal-oriented training. This method has a wide range of applications – for training like the professionals.

Blood pressure & lifestyle – for more safety
The Lifestyle module measures and documents blood pressure and other relevant risk parameters, which every medical professional asks for when creating a vitality profile during anamnesis. The values are used to determine the individual training intensity.

Duration 50 min.
Price: 240 CHF for three modules

Other tests from our offer

Strength Test Basic
Strength test 2 muscles, training recommendation
Price: 60 CHF

Strength Test Premium
Strength test 4 muscles, training recommendation
Price: 120 CHF

Endurance test IPN 
test, training consultation
Duration 25 min
Price: 60 CHF

Coordination test
Test, training consultation
Duration 25 min
Price: 60 CHF

Pelvic floor test
Test, training consultation
Duration 25 min
Price: 60 CHF

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